Mike Shares his heart:

When I was asked to speak at Focus on the Family I had no idea that it would lead me to become the most booked and re-booked PRC fundraising speaker in the country. After years of sharing my gifts in the church and corporate world, I had found a place where I could land with a passion.  When you read a short version my presentations and personal testimony along with the adoption story of my son, you will understand why my life is so involved with helping Pregnancy Resource Centers, Pregnancy Homes, and Adoption organizations. I have been a Main-stage and Workshop presenter multiple times for both the Care-Net and the Heartbeat Conferences. I been the Development Speaker for Dr. Andy Merrit's PRC Directors conference twice. For the past sixteen years consecutively I have been blessed to be listed among the Top 3 multi-million dollar fundraisers in the PRC world.

People often label me a humorist because my presentations are filled with spontaneous audience laughter. If you have ever sat through one of Dr. James Dobson's presentations you know how funny he is amidst the most serious of subjects. Laughing people give more, so I am fine with that.  However, you can be assured that I am as serious as they come about the ministry, and when I am working at your event the presentation will be solid and reverent.

I do tend to be a draw for men in your audience as many of them tell me they hear me daily on SiriusXM Satellite radio. This is good. Men will come out to hear a funny speaker a lot quicker than they will come out for a serious speaker. I also was featured in the Emmy winning Bananas Comedy television show and in October of 2017. I received a Dove Award the highest honor one can receive from the Gospel Music Association. I have spoken to gatherings as large as 80,000, and I have spoken to Pastors Breakfast events with only four Pastors present. Each one I give my best.

Over 70% of the people who book me bring me back the very next year. A greater number try to do re-book, but we are often already booked for their needed date and they work for a future year. I am humbled that some groups have used me five times. I hope that speaks to my hard work and the fact that my “asking” technique is extremely practiced. I do enough events every month that I stay well rehearsed in the ask.  I have many centers who have doubled and tripled their banquet income from previous years. I have been told by Directors the reason they use me over and over again goes beyond the dollar amounts raised. Rather the reason being the continued “Thank You” notes from their audience and board members for making their banquet presentation a positive, uplifting and exciting event.  One of the PRC's that used me five times explained that I brought in enough new male donors every year, it was like getting a speaker for free. I am thankful to God that I have been able to be a blessing to the PRC  Pro-Life movement across the country.

I will visit your center before the event. I want to do this. My story is only good if I can weave what “you do” into every part of it. I am at YOUR banquet to tell YOUR story. My story is only of value where it intersects with you. It is… all about you! How can a speaker represent you if they don't know you?

During the dinner portion, I will personally visit every table in your banquet room and look every guest in the eye and thank them for coming to the banquet. I will provide you with my personal cell number for you to call at any time prior to the event, and if you desire, consult with you to create the best fundraising event you have ever had.

I want to send you The SUCCESSFUL BANQUET CHECKLIST. Please email me and I will get that to you rapidly. 

I am not a voice for hire. My heart is in this. My wife and I helped start two PRC in the Dominican Republic and continue to serve those and a mission to rescue trafficked children. Though I do not talk about our mission work at your event. I include it in this information as I thought you might be interested in knowing my heart. I continue to train PRC boards all over the country. I publish a quarterly Fundraising ideas newsletter specifically for your work and write speeches free of charge for your events. I will consult with you on every step of the banquet preparation if you desire. My SUCCESSFUL BANQUET FUNDRAISING PREPARATION CHECKLIST is listed at the bottom of this website. It is updated often and is for your use in preparation for any banquet no matter who you are having speak. This checklist has become the "go-to" fundraising guide for a large number of CareNet and Heartbeat affiliated centers.

Below you will find a brief outline of my ask technique. It is often copied because it works. Thanks for your interest. 

Blessings to you all, Mike G. Williams

SCHEDULE TODAY 615-370-4700  xt 235

" With your help, we were able to raise more than $330,000 in pledges and gifts!" -Cindi Boston CEO PCC Springfield, MO

"I appreciate your wisdom in asking us to allow you the responsibility of making that appeal on our behalf. I especially appreciated the quiet time of prayer - you could hear a pin drop. We were able to raise $186,000 for the center." -David Misner Director /Hope Center PRC Fort Wayne, IN

"I have NEVER had a complaint about Mike even after hosting him four times. Mike increased our monthly pledges this year 50%." -Dawn Theil, Director, Garden City, KS

"My husband hates to come to these... as he calls them "women's events" no matter who the speaker is. I was able to convince him to come because he knew Mike Williams as the guy he laughs at on SiriusXM radio. He came and was blown away. He even asked me to write an extra good check out to the organization." -Gloria, Franklin, TN

 “I wanted to let you know that Mike Williams was a great success. We tripled our donations from last year! I have heard nothing but wonderful comments from the community on what a tremendous performance he gave.” -Life Choices

“We were especially pleased to receive so much positive feedback from the men, who are usually harder to please than the ladies that attend. One -time giving was up about 75%. New commitments went up 500%...” -PRC,Bakerfield, CA

I can’t thank you enough for speaking at the banquet, and more specifically, supporting the name change and talking about it throughout the evening. We brought in 50 NEW monthly supporters at the banquet. 
-Andrea Riggs / Tri-Cities Pregnancy Network

We are all set to bring you for the third year in a row . -Donna Jensen / ED / Grace House PRC, DeLand, FL

“Financially tripled! Nothing but positive comments.” 
-PRC, Evansville, IN

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Abbey Johnson explains why to everyone should use Mike Williams for their banquet.


Mike's book How To Fearlessly and Successfully Ask For Money has been presented at HEARTBEAT and CARE-NET National Conferences. In it he trains PRC EDs' and DDs' how to attain their financial goals. Available at Amazon.com

Mike's book Becoming a Productive and Profitable Non-Profit is available at Amazon.com

Fundraising Banquet Success Checklist is now available as an E-Book at no charge by request.

Banquet Follow Up For Success is now available as an E-Book at no charge by request.


We publish pre-written PRC Director banquet speeches. Insert your numbers in the blanks and sound like a professional speaker. No purchase or booking necessary.

We publish an up to date guide for preparing for your next banquet. You may have had banquet training in the past. Let's let the past be the past. Yesterday's material will bring you yesterdays money. Doing the same thing the same way is often called insanity. This information is fresh and up to date. This material is compiled by the most booked and re-booked pro-life fundraising speaker in the country. Ask your last fundraising guru to give you the names of their previous 800+ successful clients. You really want to read and follow this Top 20 list.

Ask for the guides, and we will gladly get them to you. No purchase of booking is necessary.

Call 863-670-1668 and request your copies. Leave your email and phone number. We will get those right out to you. 

Mike G. Williams

The Inspirational Educational Motivational Humorous Voice Of Reason

5 Different Presentations

Mike's Presentations

 Mike keeps record of the material he does at each location. You never have to hear the same presentation twice.

Presentation #1…    I Am A Rescued Kid!  I was born in Chicago, Illinois, to a very poor family that did not have the resources for four children when my mother found out a fifth child was on the way. This family had all the traditional trappings of inner city life, alcoholism, addictions, absent father, and the list could go on. To give you some additional family history, my brother was killed in the streets of Chicago at seventeen years old and another brother died in a prison cell also at seventeen. My two sisters made tragically unfortunate decisions as adolescents. I met my biological father for the first time and last time when I was twenty-seven years old. This could be a sad story, but it is not because I was rescued! Yes, my mother did one of the kindest acts a woman can do, she placed me for adoption. My life was saved, given hope, and rescued in one amazing act of selfless love. But wait... there is more... Let's fast-forward to when my wife received a call about a little boy who was in much the same place I was so many years ago. The girl from the center told the story of a little eight-month-old boy with a really tough family situation, coupled with many medical problems, and prenatal complications. This little boy who had been miraculously saved from abortion was now being graciously offered to us for adoption. The story is a great success story as that young boy has grown to be a thriving healthy intelligent young man. As the story is told I weave in the work of YOUR center to show them how YOU are the star of the amazing rescues going on in your area. This story spurs donors to understand the true "RESCUE" nature of what your center does every day. You will most likely see enormous increases in the "monthly" donor response.

Presentation #2... Save A Child - Transform A Family. This story will bring your audience to tears of great joy, as it does me as I share the transformation of my son's birth mother and a powerful story about my son's involvement in the work. I promise there will not be a dry eye in the room as I tell about my son Chapman (12 at the time)  finishing the last day of the 40 Days For Life. I had just returned from 10 days on the road doing PRC banquets and he asked me to join him. On this final day, everyone who had prayed over the course of 40 days would gather at the local abortion clinic, encircle the building and pray. On our drive there we talked man to man. We talked about how hard it is during my travel-times of the year to be the Dad that I want to be. Even when you travel for a purpose, a good godly purpose, there is still sadness at leaving the family you love. I think you understand. He expressed how he wished I could be home more. As the group formed a circle around that center, my son and I found our place to stand around the back of that nondescript building, staring into a double-locked chain link fenced concrete square. Through the privacy louvers you could see the containers, also locked, and labeled for medical waste disposal. I knew what they were. I did not know that my twelve-year-old son did. There are still some things that I prefer to protect him from. I'm sure you understand. We prayed then we sang. Finally, our hands dropped and we went to leave. The tug came on my left sleeve and I bent low. "Daddy, do you know what is in those containers?" "Yes, Son I do," I said as tears filled my eyes. "Daddy, that's what they wanted to do to me..," he said. "Yes son, but God had a better plan for our lives!" My son looked at me, in a moment that makes you proud to be a father and said, "It's really tough when you are away at these banquets... but keep doing what you are doing Dad... Tell them 'thank you' for me.” I can promise you your audience will be in tears for this moment. As I share this testimony told I weave in the work of YOUR center to show them how YOUR center makes testimonies like this happen every year. Your donors will reward you with increased monthly giving and tremendous one-time gifts.

Presentation #3…   Save A Child - Save The World. I speak in a more serious voice as we see how we "CAN" through the local pregnancy center change the culture of abortion that has plagued our nation since long before Roe Vs. Wade. Every donor will understand how they can be a part of a new culture for life. We systematically prove that the best way to combat abortion is through the local Pregnancy Center. We will look at the greatest "thank you" stories of the year, and leave knowing that our gifts to the center are making a "world-saving" difference! Your donors will be excited about partnering with you.

This is a SERIOUS presentation, with a little humor in the early portions. Your audience will come to know and understand why their involvement in local pregnancy center is their way to be truly pro-life in a way that will actually save lives. People love to be part of significance! People give generously to significance!

Thank You! Every time I step on the platform I am saying "Thank you," on behalf of other rescued children like my son and myself. I am representing every child your ministry rescued, and every parent your organization provided parenting and life skills education classes for.  Your organization is the star of my presentation.

Why I Do This?  I sit here with tears of joy as I type these memories.  I want to help your audience feel what it is to really save a life. When they can experience that emotion, coupled with the knowledge that their gift is working, they will want to give to your cause. The banquets I do are filled with joy because saving lives is a joy. We are NOT celebrating what the enemy is doing; we ARE celebrating the lives your center is saving! People want to join a winning team and I present your PRC as the winning team. I don't present abortion statistics... I share life-saving statistics! We clap and laugh a lot at these events because that is what victorious people do! The Bible says that God loves a cheerful-hilarious giver. I know why. Experience has shown me that cheerful-hilarious givers give more.

Your Event: I will share information about your center. This is not my event... it is yours. I talk about the wonderful work "YOU" are providing. I present a case that says, "This is what works - this is what saves lives - this is what need to thrive in your community!" I share how that your education programs change the life of a child, the parent, and ultimately the community.  Their gift to you changes the world of their children and grandchildren. Your sponsors need to hear that.

I Believe In You: Every night I say, "There is no place else I know of in their community where people can give a dollar and know that their dollar WILL go to save a life! This is the work that actually stops the mouths of the lions and the liars of the abortion industry."

My Specialty: I help people move to become monthly donors. My goal is to triple your monthly donors at each event. What could that do for your bottom line? I will also ask for every person to give a one-time special gift to your ministry at the same time. According to the testimonies, the statistics, and the repeated bookings... it works. Many people know me for my work in training PRC Directors and boards in how to ask for money. It is what I do best.