Mike G. Williams

The Inspirational Educational Motivational Humorous Voice Of Reason

Do you need something fun for your next MARRIAGE EVENT?

How about a special GET OUT OF THE HOUSE DATE NIGHT?

Mike G. Williams is ready to entertain the troops and encourage them in married life or spend a weekend helping them become the couple they really want to be. 

Mike is the author of the hilarious marriage enrichment book entitled

Men Moved To Mars When Women Started Killing The Ones On Venus

Mike will have your group rolling on the floor, laughing and weeping in each other's arms. Let's bring our couples together for fun and encouragement in their marriage.

“I just read your Men Moved To Mars Because Women Killed The Ones On Venus. What an amazing way you have of weaving together great humor and great truth to convey a great message. I look forward to our next conference together.” -Dr. Steve Arterburn, Author Every Man’s Battle

“We have used Mike for our Marriage Conferences, and our national AACC conference.  In every situation, Mike has been a true professional and always connected well with the audience.  We will use him again.” -Tim Clinton, President Association Christian Counselors

I think Mike is unquestionably funny and beyond saving. --Dr. Larry Crabb

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