Mike G. Williams

The Inspirational Educational Motivational Humorous Voice Of Reason




& Extremely Funny!

Bring joy and laughter to your next corporate event with Mike G. Williams. Concerned about language or sexual innuendo? Not with Mike. He has twenty-seven years of experience in keeping it clean, funny, and motivational.

Mike offers:
A motivational presentation guaranteed to build your team and empower your people to be better at whatever they do.
A crazy look at life from a humorous perspective. When you just need to laugh for 45 to 90 minutes.
When you need someone to keep your event moving and provide significant breaks of laughter, Mike can bring it home for you.

​"I have done a dozen or more events with national performers... simply put, Mike is the most professional, easiest to work with, and nicest entertainment person I've ever worked with. He is also one of the best performers and communicators I've heard. People are already asking when he is coming back." Event Director for Orlando Legal, Orlando, FL

"Wow, I have never had to follow anyone as funny as that in my life. Mike Williams... thank you for that, and I am told you are coming to close for me when I am done. I can't wait." 

-Mike Huckabee, Fmr Governor, FOX News Host

“What an amazing gift you have to make a bunch of pro football players 
laugh on game day at nine in the morning! I was truly impressed and inspired.”

-Mike Ditka, former coach Bears / Saints

"After Mike's performance, I was swamped with nothing but positive comments from the guests. In particular, our guests were very pleased that Mike's comedy style was clean and fit for all ages. I must say that from a manager standpoint, he was beyond professional to work with. I recommend Mike Williams as a top rate entertainer."

 -John Anderson, Cruise Director, NCL

"Last night, I sat in the audience listening to your comedy routine. I have not laughed like that in years. I am a detective and have been working sex crimes for many years. My caseload is heavy and often the cases are very ugly. I literally thought that I forgot how to laugh, apparently not, thank you. Very funny!" -Police Detective, Cary, NC