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Monday - Saturday  8am - 5pm

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Other books by Mike G. Williams
Turkey Soup For The Sarcastic Soul
More Turkey Soup For The Sarcastic Soul
Life Happens: Shut Up, Smile, And Carry A Plunger
An Amateurs Guide To Repairing A Broken Skunk
Men Moved To Mars When Women Killed The ones on Venus
Love Is Not  A Three Letter Word

Never Stand Under A Flock Of Angry Birds (Available on Kindle Jan 2014)

Mike has a new book coming out in the fall of 2015 entitled

Bows & Arrows... Life Lessons I learned while trying to hit my target.

Marshall County, KY.  Three different Middle Schools, and then a very full 1500 students at Marshall County High School. The students circled this huge Gymnasium. We have been given an invite back for next year. I will look forward to it.

Boerne, TX, Geneva Private School. Very excellent time with those super fantastic students. Can't wait until next year.

Worcester, MA. Assumption College ROCKS! Great program with student body on Love Not A Three Letter Word. The school titled the program "SEX @ 7" Lots of great college students.