Since 1990 Mike Williams has made his living writing comedy for the best of the best. His material has been seen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O'brien, Bananas Comedy TV, The Comedy Bus, The Arsenio Hall Show, and a script for two for a few others! Many people recognize his voice from his daily spots on SiriusXM radio LaughUSA and Blue Collar Radio. His latest book Never Stand Under A Flock Of Angry Birds uses one of America's most downloaded apps to teach great life lessons. You may not know that Mike is a happily married man with four children. He desires to use his "very clean" comedic style to help the next few generations. He wants to give back! Are you ready for a program your people will thank you for?

WisDom can come in funny packages

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All of Mike's school performances are attached to corporate and charity events he is scheduled for in your local area. He will be very happy to speak in your school at a  very minimal cost.  Mike's schedule is administered by Gloria Leyda at for his inspirational sight.

Motivational Comedy

L.I.F.E. and How To Get One!   A very humorous talk that motivates students to make good choices about the four great areas of importance. 1. What love is and what love isn't. 2. Learning to laugh at life instead of retaliating with violence. 3. Living in the future rather than the past. 4. Overcoming peer pressure.

Love is not a 3 letter word   A humorous yet serious look at how the sexual revolution has harmed this generation and how a student can find safety.